LANN adapts to your needs

Are you familiar with any of these cases?
"My team needs high-quality text annotations (e.g. documents, text, news, literature etc.), but it is hard to reach a high annotation agreement consistently."

"I need to generate training data/labeled data efficiently for my machine learning algorithms."

"My team needs to analyze lots of text (e.g. documents, text, news, literature etc.). We need an automated tool to save time and money."

"In addition to entities (e.g., organizations, person, stock, gene), the relations between entities (e.g., acquisition of companies, personal relations, stock trends, gene pathways) in text are also very important in our projects."

"I want to reuse my previous data annotated in different tools and formats."

"We have data stored in secured databases that need to be annotated and analyzed."

Generation of high-quality annotated text/training data at scale

Built by experts, for experts and ready to transform your data.

We quickly and accurately annotate your text following your guidelines.


Local installation and customization

Have private data that needs to be annotated and analyzed but can not be accessed in public storage?

LANN can be easily installed and customized on your local servers as a web-based tool within your internal network.

Consulting services

There is no need to become a NLP expert yourself. Let our NLP professionals help you with fast, affordable project delivery.